So you’re getting married….Congratulations!

Lets talk about getting your skin ready for your big day.

When it comes to skin treatments the ideal time to start is NOT 1 week before your wedding. In fact you can start treatments as early as 3-6 months prior to your wedding date to get your skin looking its best.

We will start with a Consultation with one of our Dermal Clinicians to discuss your concerns and work out a treatment plan as well as a home skin care plan tailored just for you.

If you have concerns like pigmentation, veins on your face, or you’re wanting some intensive skin rejuvenation then we have a variety of Laser treatments designed to target those specific concerns.

You may need 2-3 treatments and these are usually spaced 6 weeks apart. A course of

Micro needling is another great option as this stimulates the formation of new collagen and works a treat for refining the surface texture of the skin, minimising the pores and plumping the skin.

If you’re considering an anti wrinkle appointment with our Nurse Injector to smooth out that cranky frown line, or enhance your lips for the perfect pout then definitely allow plenty of time for any temporary swelling and bruising to subside (at least 2 weeks).

Closer to your big day we recommend a Dermasweep exfoliation with our “Red Carpet Ready”infusion, or our new “Äquagold infusion”.

Remember your wedding photo will be one of the most treasured photos for the rest of your life, we want to help you achieve your best skin ever!

Nicole x

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