IV Therapy

The Benefits of Intravenous Therapy Treatments
As opposed to having everyday oral vitamins and supplements the key advantage of Intravenous vitamin
administration is that it allows for the 100% bioavailability (absorption) of fluids, minerals, and vitamins. We
bypass the gut when administering through a vein, taking nutrients straight into the bloodstream and directly
to the cells. Many people today have gut issues due to stress, poor diet, toxins, and chemicals. Issues like
bowel disease, IBS, low hydrochloric acid production, Crohn’s disease, bloating, gluten intolerance,
constipation, parasites, dysbiosis, these all decrease the bowel’s ability to properly absorb nutrients from
food, oral supplements herbs or medications.
The main benefits commonly experienced by Iv infusions of nutrients are:
• Immunity and protection.
• Support for Chemotherapy action.
• Reduce the Side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.
• Chronic stress support.
• Nutrient Deficiencies.
• Nutritional Support.
• Improving energy, cognitive function and eliminating fatigue.
• Supporting Athletic Performance.
• Morning Sickness during Pregnancy, only B vitamins are administered.
• Migraines and Headaches.
• IV Therapy at Bn2 Health
An infusion will take 30-60 minutes. Every treatment is administered by trained medical professionals. Upon
your first visit to the clinic, a mini health assessment will be conducted to determine the appropriate
treatment for you. It is important to have eaten a good meal prior to your infusion and to drink a minimum of
500mls of water.
Based on your health we can combine infusions to suit you. We recommend you ask the nurse to get the
best results for optimum health. Combining any of the vitamins on the menu is possible.

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