Hyaluronic Acid + Why You Need It!

Hydration of the skin generally impacts the function of the skin cell as it’s metabolism can be affected by how much water is actually held within the skin.

Skin care is a way to naturally feed the skin with essential ingredients that encourage a happy environment for the skin to thrive.

These kinds of ingredients are ”active” ingredients, which are things like moisturising factors, vitamins, plant extracts, stem cells, peptides and delivery systems.


As we naturally age our skin cells begin to slow down and decrease the production of certain nutrients necessary for keeping the skin healthy, hydrated and appearing youthful.

As this occurs, the skin begins to lose its hydration, smoothness, softening and elasticity which are all associated with the decrease of HA in the skin. When we see this decrease in production of HA in the skin, the skin usually starts to present signs of dehydration, dryness, fine lines and wrinkles – ultimately premature skin aging.


HA plays an extremely important role in skin care products, why? Because of it’s amazing ability to not only attract water molecules to the skin, but bind to them also. This assists the skin to stay hydrated and functioning at a stable rate, as well as continuing with the body’s own natural production of HA. HA is the most hydrophillic molecule as it can attract 1000 times it’s own molecular weight in water. HA is one of the most important nutrients for the skin, skin NEEDS to stay hydrated and this goes beyond the water that you drink everyday.

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In clinical studies, there were several different molecular sizes of HA applied topically to the skin. These were documented, analysed and then compared the penetration and absorption of the product

In skin care, we know the smaller the molecule, the deeper it is able to penetrate into the skin and hydrate the dermis, whereas the larger the molecule, the more superficial layers of the skin receive hydration.


In skin care, there are all different kinds of products that contain hyaluronic acid.

These can be things like creams, serums, ampules, cleansers, lipsticks, foundations, masks, literally anything cosmetic really, what differs between these are the molecule size, delivery system or suspension in the product and how they work within the skin to achieve hydration.

Regardless of the product, the main thing is that it provides you with proper hydration, nourishes and supports the skin maintain its everyday functions.


HA is a favourite ingredient of mine, literally, morning and evening, use it as often as you want, anywhere you want!

My clinic favourites are:

Bio Hydra Infusion $99 Hyla Active $129

Each serum differs ever so slightly from one another.

With side by side ingredients like Zine, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Green Tea, the skin is left feeling cool, hydrated and plump, ready for the day!

Hope you found this educational!


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